Why Broward People?

Broward People was created to tell the story of everyone who has made Broward County, Florida his or her home.

I think about local people wherever I go. What’s the story on that guy at Publix who is scanning food package bar codes with his phone? And how did that guy at Cucina Caruso learn to make the best meatball I have ever tasted? How about that woman driving next to me on Hollywood Blvd? She has blue hair that matches her blue Ford F-150. And that no-eye-contact nurse who just took my blood at my annual checkup, what is she about? Who are these people?

My hunch about them is right: The neighbors you will meet here are worth knowing.

All of our stories are minimalist micro non-fiction, long enough to give you something to ponder, but short enough to read at work when you are supposed to be doing something else.

We are always eager to add to our Broward People collection. The people just have to live or have a connection to one of Broward’s 31 cities. Learn more about how to write for us.