Shirley Huskey

Shirley’s Story

“My ChichiLuna clients are women who see themselves as sensual and alluring regardless of their age. By exposing a hint of her shoulder, the curvature of her back or a suggestive drape of hand-crafted fabric, she subtly emphasizes her best features. That is how I feel when I wear these clothes and I want my clients to feel that way too.

The ChichiLuna brand evolved from combining my “fashion passion” with my love of art and nature. I studied fashion design at Miami-Dade College and for years I worked with other designers to learn the nuances and intricacies of couture garment construction. Fresh out of college, I created custom-made evening wear and bridal gowns.

More recently, my passion for art and nature led me to photography and printmaking classes. My photographs become the inspiration for my own fabric designs. I transform an image with Photoshop and ultimately it gets screen printed or digitally printed on natural fabrics. I work primarily with silk and bamboo, but will soon add linen and cotton. When the printed fabric is ready, I design, cut and sew the garment. Each piece is unique.

My ChichiLuna vision is present in my workroom and in the rest of my home. Mannequins dressed in my garments are part of the furnishings, and there are many days when every piece of furniture is covered with freshly-printed fabric.

I must be self-propelled every single day. I begin each morning at dawn with a run, spinning or yoga. My sunrise runs deeply inspire my ideas and color choices. I stay inspired while I am working by listening to podcasts like “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown, “Finding Your Why” by Simon Sinek or my all-time favorite “The Creative Fire” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I am happiest when I am designing and creating, and I gravitate towards other passionate people who are that way too. Creating is living in a world of infinite possibilities.

I grew up in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, and came to Miami as a teenager. My Grandpa Roscoe was my biggest and most loving fan. He called me Chichi. I added Luna to embrace everything feminine, and ChichiLuna was born. That musical name constantly reminds me of his love and what is important to me.

I sell my clothing at trunk shows, and am currently working to fill orders from my most recent show at Salon Mantra. My future plans include commercial distribution of the ChichiLuna brand while maintaining its soul. I envision a day when I am at some exotic place and see someone walk by wearing one of my creations.”

You can learn more about ChichiLuna and browse Shirley’s designs at

Shirley Huskey's bag

The Treasures in Shirley’s Bag

“The scarf is one of the first I ever made, and I carry it in my big tote purse.

I always carry a tape measure.

I carry my mala beads for prayer and meditation. They are a beautiful reminder of my intentions.

I use Chanel lipstick in Rouge Coco Shine, Number 99, and Butter lip gloss.

Per-Fekt is the best stuff to put on my face when I have to look fresh fast.”

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