Scott Wolfson

Scott’s Story

“My biggest competition is myself.”

“Welcome to Florida Sun Studios, FSS. Bottle of water?…..Pellegrino? How about some freshly brewed coffee? … Got herbal tea too … Look, these bagels are still warm. Croissants? Muffins? Chocolate? A biscotti? … Enjoy a snack then come in to the studio and have a seat. We’ll talk about what the network will be expecting from you. Relax. This is going to be fun.

FSS is my home. I love hosting guests who are about to go on network television. I have been on the technical side of media work since 2003. I spent years at WSVN-7 and WPLG-10 and more than 17 years at CNN. I saw the need for an satellite uplink in Broward so I started FSS in 2013.

A satellite uplink delivers television programming to viewers by relaying a signal to a satellite orbiting the earth. That signal is downlinked to the media organization who is paying for it.

Here is an example: I recently got a call from tech production manager at CNN Atlanta about studio availability. The topic was about a court hearing for Orlando cop killer Markeith Loyd. HLN host Pat LaLama was in Atlanta, radio talk show host Ray Caputo was booked in Orlando and forensic expert Kathy Smith was booked in Los Angeles. Criminal defense lawyer Mark Eiglarsh was in my studio. Everyone knew the details of the story in advance and they had an idea of what questions they would be asked.

My kind of work requires keeping up with rapidly changing technology. The rest is making sure my customers have a memorable experience.

Gloria Estefan, Jayne Weintraub, Mike Eiglarsh, Star Jones, Evander Holyfield, Roger Stone. Kevin O’Leary, Larry Kudlow and Anderson Cooper have all been here. My regular guests have become loyalists who request my studio when the networks call them. Some refuse to go to other studios.

I ask guests who have never been on network television before to come early to FSS. That way I can explain remote television, give them training on how to do a satellite interview, coach them on what to expect and train them on how to talk in sound bites.

Before they go on the air, they talk to a network producer. Then they are live with the network host who is on an HD screen. Often they know the other guests on the show who are doing the same thing in other cities and that makes it a little less awkward for them. Usually, they have ample on-air time and I warn them that they should not use it as an infomercial for themselves.

When a big story breaks, I often have multiple live shots going on here. For example, a CNN guest in one room FOX in another and CNBC in a third. At my studios I do all of the live shots, maintain the equipment, do the training, apply basic face makeup and make the coffee. I am the liaison between the guest and the network. I learned this business from my years in local and national television news.

Because my studios are fiber uplink, I can reach every time zone and we support remote liveshots with BBC, SKY, CTV, CGTN, i24 News, Eurovision, Al Jazeera, NHK. FOX News, CNN and MSNBC are my biggest clients. My hours are insane depending on what is going on. See that couch with the pillow and blankets? Some days are too busy to go home so I sleep here. Other days are slow so I catch up on reading. The televisions are always on and I often find out about breaking news at the same time that you do.

I am always on call; the studio is never closed. I pace myself. I start out with a normal day. I go to the gym, then I get ready to come to the studio. No matter what plans I have, this has to come first. Once I left my half-eaten dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab, my favorite restaurant. I changed in the car to my maroon FSS shirt and khaki shorts and drove to work. I never say no to a liveshot. After all these years, breaking news is still an adrenaline high for me. I never resent it.

My latest project is doing Facebook Live pieces for anyone who wants to talk about their passion and get professional lighting, sound and background images. Guests pay for studio time, I do the rest.

I recognize that it’s a big deal to be on television, whether you are a network guest or someone who wants a video to use for starting your own business.

Before they leave here, everyone gets a gift from me: a DVD or a downloadable digital copy of their time on the air.”

Scott Wolfson

Scott’s Treasures

I use wireless microphones with FSS identifying flags.

Guests are given a choice of souvenir FSS baseball hats, FSS mugs, FSS thermal hot/cold cups or FSS golf shirts.

4 thoughts on “Scott Wolfson: My Adrenaline Rush

  • Chelsea KrostOctober 8, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    Scott Wolfson and FFS Studios are the absolute best! No one is more gracious than Scott.

  • GLENN RODERMANOctober 21, 2018 at 11:51 pm

    Hi Scott, love to work with you when we can..Glenn Roderman 954 764 6800

  • Monica PedemonteOctober 21, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Impressive one man company. And thoughtful to his guests. Wow

  • Joel EyresOctober 18, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    Scott Wolfson is the best of the best!


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