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“Looking good is only one part of it.”

“I was an undercover cop for a while. I used to deal with big time drug dealers and confidential informants. I lived a surreal life making million dollar deals in places like Home Depot parking lots. Enterprise would bring me a new car every week just in case I was being followed. It was exciting and cool and interesting and dangerous as hell. The job was for someone who was meticulous about details and very organized. I was well-suited for the task.

Here I was, a 32-year-old kid making a lot of money and traveling on airplanes all the time to every major city in the country. I never wore a police uniform. I never testified in cases. I never talked about my job to family or friends. I couldn’t. I carried around three cell phones with different area codes to appear local and add another layer of protection for myself. I was well suited for undercover. It appealed to my OCD nature. I fit in. I spoke Spanish. I was credible as someone’s ‘cousin.’

I learned that staggering amounts of drugs from Mexico and Colombia come through South Florida. I like to believe I stopped some of it.

My training as a SWAT officer with Hollywood Police groomed me for the undercover job. SWAT officers specialize in high risk situations and are considered to be the best marks men. I needed every one of those skills.

I balanced the intensity of those jobs with the intensity of my one hour workouts. Basically, my program included a high energy interval training where you work biceps, triceps and shoulders for example, then you cycle, then you work another area of the body and jump rope. Back then I called them supersets and it was the beginning of the template I use for my current fitness studios, BodyTek Fitness.

I was always tough. As I grew older I became tougher, more meticulous, more dedicated to fitness. I opened my first BodyTek and refined my systemized one hour total body group training workout with 30 second stations. Everything can be modified to fit a 25 year old man or a 65 year old woman. It is intensely fun in here. I demonstrate what to do then they do it to music. I have fun with the people (I call them Tekkies) and am thrilled to watch their progress. I started BodyTek by training people in my garage. One studio became seven and now people are looking to franchise the template I created.

Seeing the amazing progress of my Tekkies is my reward. Looking good is only part of it. I see people lose weight. I see people start to dress differently because they feel good about themselves. I see people get off their blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I see people toss their antidepressants.

I lost someone dear to me when I was in my 30’s. That taught me to live every day as if it were my last one and every day’s goal is to pass along that passion to others.”

Mike Verdugo

Mike’s Truck

Because of this truck, I constantly get asked about BodyTek.

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  • WayneJuly 30, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Loved reading this story


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