Emily Lee

Emily’s Story

“First yourself, then your community, then the world.”

“I came to the U.S. from Daegu, South Korea to teach meditation. Before coming to Davie, I was in Washington DC then Diamond Bar California. It was September 2016 when I came here and I was shocked by the heat and humidity. Broward Meditation was looking for a leader and I took the job. We practice meditation here the same way it is done in Korea. People are surprised to learn that Broward has a sizeable Korean community.

It’s possible to learn a form of meditation by reading a book or watching YouTube but I don’t recommend that. I believe in a graduated systematic approach, one you learn in stages. Our system will cleanse your mind and body and change your life. I know that is a pretty big promise.

Broward Meditation sessions are a maximum of two hours each. Learning is done in seven levels and you must start at level one. The levels teach you to manage stresses, burdens and anxieties, even in the first level. I compare our system to karate where you must earn a white belt before you go on to earn a yellow belt and eventually a black belt. After seven levels, the meditation becomes part of who you are. Each level takes about a month.

The complete meditation program takes about a year, but students will see a difference in one month. It is hard to explain exactly what it does but here is a helpful analogy.

Your mind is like a house. If your house is dirty, you cannot sleep well, you cannot think well, you have to clear things out, you have to vacuum. You have to organize things. Think of what would happen if you did not clean your house for 50 years. We are here to help you clean your mind just like you clean your house. We are noisy inside. Once we are clean, we can have better relationships.

In meditation you learn to clean stress, and when stress is cleaned out, addictions and unhealthy habits can be cleaned. Your mind cannot make your body do things until it is clean. Eventually you will understand yourself and understand others.

Meditation does amazing things. Although it cannot cure an illness, it can explain why you have one, why you smoke or why you have sugar cravings. Sugar cravings aren’t about hunger, but rather about loneliness, stress, anger or depression. Negative things accumulate in the body and can manifest as illness. Some illnesses can be healed by getting rid of a negative mind.

I live the meditation life. I am serious about meditation. I teach it every day and see the changes in my students. I live with great internal peace and am able to focus and be grateful. I used to worry a lot and be obsessed about the future and other people and my life. I did not understand how to be grateful.

Bad things are going to happen in our lives and meditation will not change that. What it will change is the way you deal with adversity because meditation teaches you how to live a better daily life.

Broward Meditation was my first real job. Before that, I was a volunteer. People ask me if it is difficult for me to teach in English since Korean is my native language. I’m confident enough to teach in English now because my students have helped me. Through them, I am learning Spanish too.

When students experience these deep changes as a group, they often form relationships with each other and with the instructors. We see movies together, we do meditation retreats, we volunteer where people need us.

Students come as strangers but they leave bonded with each other on a deep level.”

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Emily Lee's Bag

Emily’s Treasures

The horsetail pill is from Korea and I take it to clean my blood. It makes me feel light. The peppermint oil helps me to feel awake.

I combine the self-balancing organic vegetable mix with honey and juice. We sell it at Broward Meditation.

I carry Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and I brought this hand cream from Korea. I carry sunscreen all the time because the sun here is so strong.

Use use the hair pins to pin up my hair when I meditate so it doesn’t fall in my face.

My MCM wallet is sold all over the world, and my Broward Meditation business cards are always with me.

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