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We’ve got a thing about people stories…

You see, every story is really a people story. Within each of us is a comedy, a tragedy, a love story, a passion, a thriving success, a whopping failure, an uncommon strength, a vivid fantasy, a life altering moment and even a hope or dream.

Broward People is about your story.

Anita Mitchell

Anita Mitchell, Founder & Creative Director

The idea for Broward People was slow cooking within me long before there were blogs. I saw Broward County as more than a tourist place. The nearly two million people who live here have stories to be told, and now they have a place to do it.

I have earned the goods to do this project: more than 25 years as a WSVN7 Broward assignment editor, writer’s group facilitator for the Broward County Library, book editor for authors, and always having a purse large enough to carry around an iPad mini.

For 13 years I was a Broward County high school English teacher, and have lived in Broward County since cows were the primary residents on University Drive. I raised my son Randy here.

I am a masters swimmer for Swim Fort Lauderdale and have competed nationally and internationally in both the 19th and 20th Maccabiah Games in Israel. I have won 6 bronze and silver medals there for swimming. I am not sure how writing and swimming are connected but I know in my heart that they are.

In 2018 I get to be on the board of directors for the Broward County Sports Legends Hall of Fame. I’ve wanted to be on that board since 2015.

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Anita Mitchell
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Founder & Creative Director
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