Cindy Wong

Cindy Wong: People Don’t Believe What I Do

Of course I get afraid. I am out in the Everglades hunting alligators in the dark. Every instinct in me says to run away. I have this perpetual adrenaline surge because I know that one slip and it is over.

Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad: Finding Your Own Finish Line

At age 64, I became the first person to swim the 111 miles, the equivalent of five English Channel swims, from Havana’s Hemingway Marina to Smathers Beach in Key West.

Abhi Duggal

Abhi Duggal: Yoga, Meditation and Me

When I first started teaching, I was almost a performer standing on my head, doing challenging poses. I have become more grounded and discovered what it takes to challenge people.

Evan Snow: Broward’s New Kind of Art Fair

We are a smaller, quieter art fair with opportunities for intimate connections. If you’re the kind of art lover who doesn’t like crowds then you will be in heaven.

Jerris Evans: Never Give Up on the Rest of Your Life

I was bursting in the glow of being a New York Jet. It was a dream come true. I was one of them now until I made a life-altering fatal mistake.

Lori Pratico: Hope, Empowerment & Self Esteem

A domestic abuse victim was speechless when she saw her portrait with the words ‘I will not remain silent.’ I knew I was on to something important.

Evander Holyfield: God Made Me a Boxer

I have made millions of dollars, lost millions of dollars, experienced life’s ultimate highs and endured some pretty bad lows. I have learned from both and I suppose that’s why people relate to me.

Gail Choate: Clowning Comes from Within

We are all clowns. We are born laughing and being spontaneous. We learn to control ourselves. We learn to be serious. I love being the person who gives permission to have fun.

Eric Schwartzreich: My Narcotic of Choice – Criminal Defense

I chose the right career path. I really wanted to be an actor when I was a kid and essentially, the courtroom is my stage. If I won the Powerball I would still be a lawyer.

Carlos Pacanins: Clean Living, Clean Eating, Clean Thinking

That new life now is calmer, slower and does not include practicing law. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be 100 percent of who I was.

Bruce Klasner: A Life-Altering 3-Credit Elective

The Holocaust is one atrocity but there are many others. Kids get in touch with their own backgrounds and hardships — their own holocausts.

Clerichena Clerjuste: Back to My Haitian Roots

Haitians believe in cleansing the body and being in balance with nature, a philosophy that comes from our African roots.

Melina Markos: Pivotal Moment

I wash my clothes in Gain laundry detergent now. They smell so good and come out of the dryer so soft. I burst with pride over this because I buy that detergent with the money I earn.

Valerie Viglione: Stepp’n Up Shoes

Rarely does anyone turn me down when I ask for a donation. I get an enormous response. I think it is because people recognize that I do this for one clear reason: it is the right thing to do.

Scott Wolfson

Scott Wolfson: My Adrenaline Rush

I recognize that it’s a big deal to be on television, whether you are a network guest or someone who wants a video to use for starting your own business.

Doctor Pickle

Doctor Pickle: Pickles with a Purpose

I make the best pickles you have ever tasted. It is hard to believe that those green things in a jar and what I make are both called pickles.

Rick Leitner

Rick Leitner: Artist with a Chainsaw

Making tikis is a whole Zen thing for me, a time of quiet creating. I get totally engrossed in the carving, the shaping and nuances of the facial expressions.

Mike Verdugo

Mike Verdugo: Undercover Cop to Fitness Guru

Seeing the amazing progress of my Tekkies is my reward. Looking good is only part of it. I see people lose weight. I see people start to dress differently because they feel good about themselves.

Emily Lee

Emily Lee: At Peace, Always

Bad things are going to happen in our lives and meditation will not change that. What it will change is the way you deal with adversity because meditation teaches you how to live a better daily life.

Jeff Shaffner

Jeff Shaffner: Altered Flight Pattern

Kids come out of their wheelchairs to be co-pilots. What is incredible to me is seeing how this helps these kids eliminate the belief that they are limited. After all, if you can fly a plane, you can do anything.